About us

Well our life is dedicated to dogs! Our dogs, our family's dogs and of course all the amazing dogs that come to Dog Town. I have always had pets in my life from the moment I was hatched, and I know I always will. I first started working with animals when I was 16 at the local vet, that was just a little to sad for me I wanted to work with dogs, just healthy ones. So then I moved on to the local shelter also sad but lots of fun and very rewarding, after a few years I moved to the city of Los Angeles where I really got into the business, I worked at and managed a pet shop, walked dogs and did pet sitting, then began to work for a great dog trainer who taught me much of what I know today about dog behavior.

Where did all this lead me? Back home where I decided to start Dog Town and put all my knowledge to use. During the construction and fix up of the space I met my soon to be life and business partner Anthony, we joined forced and here we are today with our Brady Bunch of dogs my dad which none of this would be possible without and our wonderful business. Thank you for choosing Dog Town as your dog care provider we look forward to caring for your furry family.

- Rebecca and Anthony Pollina