Dog Boarding

We’ll Spoil Your Pet Rotten

You want what's best for your dog, but sometimes work or vacation travel takes you away for a while. That's why DogTown offers loving care for your companion that is both convenient and affordable. We know you have a lot of choices, including pet sitting, but dog boarding with DogTown offers so much more at a price that fits most budgets. Let our staff of experience and trusted professionals give your dog the best care possible in an environment that is fun, safe and stimulating.

Dog boarding with DogTown is like a vacation for your four-legged friend. We provide a safe, fun environment for group play, while also offering all dogs their own room for privacy, comfort and a little "me time." We offer four sizes of rooms for those who wish to have a bit more space during their stay. Each room is constructed from mahogany wood with a lookout window at the bottom of the door at dog height for our four legged guests to peek out of. Provided in each room is a Kanundra bed, blanket and water bowl.

With pet sitting, your dog may only get one or two visits per day, with us your dog will go out a minimum of 4 times a day. We know you're the best caregiver for your companion, but we like to be the best while you're away - because we love dogs.

DogTown offers amenities that simply are not available with most pet-sitting services. Instead of missing you, your pet will enjoy the opportunity to meet other dogs. All day play is available at a discounted rate for well-mannered, socialized dog boarding guests. Individual play is also available for companions that prefer more specialized attention.

Customize your DogTown boarding experience with a day at the spa and a new hairdo. Pet sitting meets the basic needs of your companion such as feeding and walking a few times a day, but at DogTown your dog's needs and wants are met and surpassed, day and night, by a staff of caring professionals. We offer 24 hour care for your pets so they are never alone while they are with us. We want nothing more than to make your dog's time away from home memorable. Don't be surprised if your companion can't wait to come back for another vacation!

Pet Boarding Benefits

• A team of professional dog lovers
• Indoor and outdoor play areas
• Private rooms
• Pet pampering amenities that include turn-down service and spa treatments
• 24 hour care
Please visit our DogTown Policies for Health Requirements, Check-In/Check-Out and Cancellation policies. We keep them simple and all together for your convenience.