Every dog deserves to be taken care of and kept happy. There is a lot that goes into grooming your pet and only the best should be trusted to look after your best friend. Dog Town has a team of specialists and groomers that not only enjoy what they do, but also enjoy taking care of your dog to the best of their abilities. Come in for any number of our services from cutting your dogs fur to clipping their nails. Call us today and take care of your pet with the best team available.

We all have very busy lives with work and social events or vacations, which is all perfectly understandable, but isn't always easy if you have a dog. Keeping your dog looked after if you're away for any amount of time is always important, because your dog deserves the best treatment possible. Regardless of the amount of time you will be away, whether it's a couple days or a month, our premium dog boarding service can keep them well taken care of for you. At Dog Town we want you to rest easy knowing you pet is in the safest hands out there.

Peoples' day-to-day lives can be rather hectic and difficult to manage without help in certain areas, especially if you have a pet. If you're not going to be home for the day you want to make sure your best friend is being taken care of. At Dog Town we know just how important the piece of mind that comes with knowing your dog is being looked after can be to you and want to help. Our experts and groomers will give your cherished pet a day full of fun and pampering and have them ready to go when you are done with your day. Just bring your dog to us and we will take care of the rest.

There are plenty of ways for your dog to get a good workout, but there are some that are more fun for them than others. A good swim can help get out all of your dogs' excess energy while providing them with a fun activity to keep them happy. Our doggy pool and trainers are second to none when it comes to mixing the fun and exercise your dog needs. Just leave them with us and we will have them swimming in no time.

When it comes to what your dog eats, quality can make all the difference. With all of the processed ingredients and fillers in so many of the generic dog foods nowadays, it can be hard for your pet to get the nutrients they need on a daily basis. With a selection of the highest end premium dog foods available, Dog Town has everything you need to keep your amazing pet happy and healthy. Come in and talk to one of our specialists and we will help you find the right dog food choice for you.

All of our dogs need to get exercise to be truly happy and at their best, which is why providing them a good place to run is extremely important. Getting out all of your dogs excess energy is beneficial for both of you because it keeps them healthy and more obedient. The dog running program at Dog Town is top notch and our team keeps your dog entertained while they get the workout they need. A wagging tongue always means a happier dog and that is exactly what we like to provide for you.

It is very easy to forget that our dogs are still animals that frequently like to be outdoors and explore their environment. Allowing your dog to walk around a new terrain and sniff all the new scents that come along with it can go a long way to keeping them happier than ever. A good nature walk is something our team at Dog Town like to give to every dog that comes through our doors because it always provides the best results. Come in to see us and we will take your dog for a walk down a number of beautiful trails and let them explore their environment. We know how much you care about your pets happiness and so do we, so let us take them on the walk they deserve.

Dogs are undeniably adorable and so fun to play with, but what comes with that constant playing is a constant need to clean their dirty fur. It is inevitable that when you own a dog they will get into some messes, which means a thorough washing will be in order much more frequently than is convenient. Our staff at Dog Town wants to keep your dog clean and happy with our express dog washing service. No matter the level of mess or the size of the dog, we treat every job with care and skill to get your best friend back to you clean and ready to go.

There isn't a much more peaceful activity than taking your dog for a nice long walk. Sometimes that can be easier said than done because it can be hard to find the time to get to it every single day. We understand just how important taking your dog on regular walks can be and have a team of dog walkers that are happy to help on those busy days. There is no reason to feel bad for being short on time when you have Dog Town there to help get your dog out and walking as happy as ever.

All of our pets deserve to be groomed and kept happy. There is a lot that goes into looking after your pet and only the best should be trusted to wash, trim and style them in the way they deserve. Dog Town has teams of groomers that take pride in what they do, but also enjoy taking care of your dog because they genuinely care about the work. Any number of our services are available and we are happy to work with your schedule to make an appointment that fits your needs. Call us today and take care of your pet with the best team available.